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Where we take the hassle & guess work out of eating healthy & delicious foods. At it’s simplest Preps By Chefs are pre-made healthy meals, made by experienced Chefs with not only a passion for the food they cook but also helping others live a healthier lifestyle. We are two chefs driven to create a prep service that packs a punch when it come to health!

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Our meals are weighed out and portioned in order to help you loose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight in a healthy way. All meals are prepared with healthy, fresh ingredients that not only provide a nutritional value, but pack a ton of flavor!”


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Our Signature Plates

  • Teriyaki Lo-Mein
  • Jerk Turkey Tips
  • Chicken Piccata
  • Jerk Chicken
  • Tumeric Chicken
  • Pancakes


Cooked and packaged THURSDAY & SUNDAY

Pickup and deliveries between 7-10pm

$5 flat rate within the first 5 miles

$2 per mile after the first 5 miles


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Nuts are a great way to get some healthy calories & fats! Does not take much either, remember portion size is important. Don’t over eat but definitely DO NOT UNDER EAT!
Snacks in between meals are just as important as the meals themselves.

Foods For Immunity

Make sure to eat plenty of these this winter to keep away the flu and any other sickness! A lot of these are in our menus, just another way we try to keep you all in the best shape of your life. Enjoy eating healthier foods along with us.
Take care of you!

Everyday Food

Just some of the everyday eats that will help boost your health in many ways. Most of these you probably eat and don’t even realize it! As for the others try them out step out of your Comfort zone. You never know what you may or may not like until you explore.


The word "diet" tends to make people feel like it's a chore to eat healthier food. Here with us we show you with our years of cooking and playing with flavors that healthy foods can be transformed into a lifestyle with more options instead of restriction.

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